Rodney Thompson is a local artist in Bend, Oregon. A Texas native, he grew up gaining artistic inspiration through comic books and cartoons. As an adult, his passion for creating art led him to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. There he studied fine art and simultaneously discovered his greatest sources of inspiration through the works of Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Sargent and Schmid. Throughout his course study, his focus shifted from illustration to fine portraiture. These combined sources of inspiration, from comic books and classical masters, have been the foundation of his life as a portrait artist. Rodney's approach to portraiture is not only to capture the essence of the subject but to imbue a narrative for the viewer that can be told through each brush stroke.


In his words,

“I concentrate in portraits and figures. My goal with my art is to bypass the brain and go straight for the heart. I always try to emphasize the eyes because they, more than anything else, speak truthfully from the soul. I don't like to tell a story as much as I like to express a feeling, and my hope is that it incites an emotion within the viewer.”

Rodney Thompson has been fortunate enough to receive direct and intimate training from artists, Casey Baugh in Brooklyn, New York, Max Ginsburg in Carmel, CA and Jeremy Lipking in Yorkshire, UK. Since then, his his art has taken an even more definitive, stunning and refined direction.


Honors & Awards:


Featured artist in Bohemia Journal’s April 2013 Publication.


“Antecedent” (charcoal on paper) won First Place in the 2014 Shades of Gray competition hosted by Drawing Magazine.


"Chrysalis" (charcoal on paper) recently received a Certificate of Excellence from the Portrait Society of America's 2015 International Portrait Competition.


Portrait Society of America's, 2016 Art of the Portrait Conference Tuition Scholarship Recipient



-Member of the Portrait Society of America

-Associate Member of Oil Painters of America

-Member of Plein Air Austin

-Member of California Plein Air Painters

- Member of Plein Air Painters of Oregon

- Associate Member of Outdoor Painters Society