Alla Prima II Expanded Edition by Richard Schmid.  This book has helped vastly improve the quality of my work. It is filled with wonderful tools to give you a strong foundation of knowledge in your art.



  • Strathmore 500 series charcoal paper
  • Canson Charcoal Paper
  • Generals charcoal pencils
  • Alphacolor Char-Kole
  • Windsor & Newton Vine Charcoal



My Pallete includes:

Windsor & Newton Titanium White, Rembrandt Transparent Oxide Brown, Rembrant Transparent Oxide Red, W/N Alizarin Crimson, W/N Terra Rosa, W/N Cadmium Red, Rembrandt Cadmium Orange, Rembrandt Cadmium Yellow Deep, W/N Cadmium Yellow Pale, W/N Yellow Ochre Pale, W/N Viridian, Rembrandt Ultramarine Deep, W/N Cobalt Blue, Rembrandt King's Blue, Rembrandt Cinnabar Green, W/N Cadmium Green Pale


Brushes:  Rosemary Brushes; Davinci Maestro 2 bristle.


Richard Schmid

Jeremy Lipking

Max Ginsburg
David Leffel
Daniel Keys
David Kassan
Casey Baugh
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